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 DIY Lip Gloss Recipe: LIP GLOSS MAKING WITH Versagel and Coconut Oil

     If you're a beauty enthusiast or want to embrace your creativity- making your lip gloss can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this comprehensive guide, I  will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a luscious lip gloss using Versagel and coconut oil. These essential ingredients moisturize your lips with a gorgeous shine that rivals any store-bought product. So grab your lip gloss starter kit, and let's dive in and explore the world of DIY lip gloss! 

                            LIP GLOSS-MAKING  INGREDIENTS


    1. Versa Gel  60%
    2. fractionate coconut oil 25%
    3. Vitamin E oil: 1%
    4. Lip-safe flavoring oils or extracts 10% (optional)
    5. Lip-safe mica powders or liquid colorants (optional): Adjust to personal preference 4%LIP GLOSS BASE  VERSAGEL

                             LIP GLOSS-MAKING SUPPLIES

    1. Small mixing bowl or container
    2. Measuring scale (preferably one that measures in grams)
    3. Syringe or pipette for filling in the lip gloss tubes
    4. Lip gloss tubes or small jars with lids
    5. Spatula or mixing tool
    6. Sanitizing solution for cleaning equipment
    7. Measuring spoonsLIP GLOSS MAKING SUPPLIES

                            LIP GLOSS-MAKING MEASUREMENT  


    Converting Percentages to Weigh formula

     This is your percentage formula for making 200 grams of lip gloss. The mathematical formula you need is: [the percentage] divided by 100 and multiplied by the amount you want in grams:  let's set the procedure.


    Let’s start with our lip gloss base, AKA Versagel, in our formula at 60%; our calculations would look like this: 60 divided by 100 multiplied by 200 grams = 120 grams (you’ll need 120 grams of lip gloss base IN YOUR FORMULA.)


    (Ingredient (%) / 100) x Total weight ( grams) = Ingredient.

    Now that you know how to convert your formulaLIP GLOSS MAKING MEASUREMENT



    1. Sanitize Your Equipment: Before you begin, ensure all your equipment, including the mixing bowl, measuring spoons, spatula, and lip gloss containers, is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.   This step is essential to maintain quality control and longevity of your lip gloss.                            

    Measure Your Ingredients: LIP GLOSS MAKING MEASUREMENT
    Using a measuring scale, measure the ingredients using the percentage-based formula. 
    For example, weigh (60%)120 grams of Versagel,( 25%) which is 50 grams of fractionated coconut oil, and (1% ) 2 grams of vitamin E oil.
    Adjust the amounts based on the quantity you wish to produce and your preference for a thicker or more moisturizing gloss.
    2. Mix the Versagel and Coconut Oil: Combine the Versagel and Coconut Oil in a small mixing bowl or container. Use the spatula or a mixing tool to thoroughly blend the two ingredients until you have achieved a smooth and desired consistency. 
    3. Add Flavoring (10%) 20g: If you desire a flavored lip gloss, add a few drops of lip-Approve flavoring oils or extracts. Popular options include cherry, strawberry, vanilla, or mint. Please stir well to distribute the flavor throughout the gloss evenly
    4. Add your colors (4%) 8g: To give your lip gloss a pop of color, add lip-safe mica powders or liquid lip pigment to the formula. YOU CAN USE BOTH; start with a small amount and gradually increase until you achieve your desired hue, then mix thoroughly to ensure even color distribution
    5.  Filling the  Lip Gloss Tube: Using a Syringe and pipette, carefully transfer the lip gloss mixture into your lip gloss tubes or small jars. Take your time to avoid spills or air bubbles. Leave a little space at the top to allow the wand applicator or brush to fit in the tubes.
    Congratulations! You just made your first clean vegan handmade lip gloss. How easy was it? Keep practicing and happy formulations!  


     Creating your lip gloss using Versagel and coconut oil is a delightful way to personalize your beauty routine. This step-by-step guide lets you unleash your creativity and experiment with different flavors and colors. 

    You can start a new business making DIY vegan handmade moisturizing lip gloss, but you'll also be satisfied knowing you made it yourself. So, gather your ingredients, get creative, and let your lips shine with a homemade lip gloss that's uniquely yours!

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